Thursday, April 2, 2009

Of Tears and Tasers...

This morning I went to a neighboring community to talk to realtors about safety at their monthly meeting. Immediately afterward, I went to the home of a dear 71 year old women who lived in the same neighborhood. "A" had called me yesterday, saying she had been at my neighborhood watch meeting in Dec. and that she wanted to buy a TASER. Her timing could not have been better, because this neighborhood is about 30 miles away.

I remembered "A" when she opened her door to greet me. She is recently widowed, having lost her beloved husband of 52 years only five months ago. We talked about him a bit and how she was doing. Although talking about "B" and her loss brought about some tears for her, I could tell she was glad to share with me about their wonderful, adventurous life together. "B" was a 30 year career Army officer and "A" a very proud Army wife. As she recalled their escapades and shared the details of his last day, there were both tears and smiles.

I spent quite a bit of time with "A" making sure she was very comfortable with her new TASER C2 (she chose the Fashion Pink color). By the time she shot a cartridge into the target, I knew she would not hesitate to use the TASER C2 if she needs to. Personally, I enjoyed the time together. With this new business, I find I am spending quite a bit of time with seniors, especially senior women, and I enjoy hearing their stories. This business is not all about TASERS and safety. It is about relationships with people.

As I was walking out the door, I felt the time "A" and I had shared was special and asked if it was ok if I hugged her. She responded with one of the biggest hugs I've gotten in awhile. Then she told me that if I ever needed someone to stand up for me and talk about the TASER C2 that she would be glad to do it. Then she said the words that make this all worthwhile, "I feel safer."

And, that my friends, is when the tears fell from my eyes.