Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Good Problem

My TASER business is taking off and I am having a blast (pun intended). This week, I visited five homes/businesses and sold many TASER C2's. It is very rewarding to sit with people and teach them how to defend themselves using this awesome technology. I especially enjoyed a training session with two delightful women in their 80's. Watching them fire the TASER and hearing their comments was great. Knowing they feel more comfortable with running errands and being home alone is a wonderful feeling.

With my growing business, I decided to upgrade my website to make checkout easier. In doing such, I made a mistake in that I did not ensure all the info from my old website would transfer to my new website. This mistake is probaby going to cost me dozens of hours and maybe my sanity. I consider it all part of the learning curve though and know what I won't do in the future!

Live and learn.



  1. Oh no, I'm sorry. I would be in big trouble if I had to figure out all of that stuff. I'm glad your business is doing well!

  2. That's grea that your business is doing so well. I would love to get into something I could sale here.