Sunday, February 1, 2009


What a game! It wasn't without some challenges as our satellite froze up in the third quarter and then my DH foolishly decided to root for a Cardinal (Larry Fitzgerald) to catch & run for a touchdown. Well, he did. So, icy stares from me followed and I went into a separate room to watch the game.

I must admit, I cried like a baby when Santonio Holmes caught the go-ahead touchdown pass. I feel so protective of him, as if he is one of my children. He was raised in some tough circumstances and has made some mistakes as recent as this year. I pray that being named Super Bowl MVP will bring about a new maturity in him and that he will use his story to help others.

Yes, I am happy. DH is in the penalty box, but his stay there will be abbreviated since the Steelers did win.
As you can see in the photo above, Aidan is on my side as are all my children. Being a Steeler fan is pretty much mandatory in my family.

Sweet dreams!


  1. I was totally cheering for the Steeler's too. It seemed like everyone else was cheering for the "Underdog" which was honestly getting really annoying when that was their ONLY reason. Not that I had much better reason to cheer for the Steeler's, other than they're at least a AFC team! LOL It was a great game though. I definitely enjoyed it, it's better to have those close games and rare during a superbowl, but so much better than when there's a blow out and you're bored and only watching for the commercials that they're not allowed to show over here.

  2. I caught the last half, only because there was nothing else on. :x (Sorry just not a fan of Steelers or Cardinals) It was an intense second half! Even though they lost the Cardinals should hold their heads high, they played a really tough team and they fought to the end, that is good football right there! I think my team (the Chiefs) need to take note. :x LOL

  3. I wanted to add the picture of Aiden is super cute!