Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

I'm playing along with the Rigg's Family Hi/Lo Thursday. You can click the button to the right of this post to go check out their site.

My high for the week. My high is hearing that Abby is doing better! You can click on her button for an update.

On a much shallower note, this has been an excellent week for my TASER business! I have got my new website up and running (if you wouldn't mind clicking on it to help build my optimization, I'd sure appreciate it--it's right there off to the right). I've also made many sales and have plenty of leads to follow up on.

One sale I made was important to me. It was two delightful, bright, and engaging women in their 80's. They had read the newspaper article about my business in November and decided to call. I went to "J's" house and met with her and another "J". I spent quite a bit of time in teaching them about the features of the TASER C2 and in training them with scenarios. When I left, I was confident that THEY were confident in how to use their C2.

I feel good about it, because I know they feel better about their safety. They deserve that.

My lo for the week.

Let's just say that I could use your prayers for someone I love very much. God already knows the circumstances, so I know I do not need to say more than that.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    I am so glad to hear your business is taking off so good. I pity anyone messing with those two 80 something ladies. I am sure they won't hesitate to try out their new tasers!! And I understand "unspoken" prayer requests for loved ones as I have one too. I will be praying for yours and if you would pray for mine, I would be blessed. Have a wonderful day and know that God knows our hearts.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie